Tracvirus : One Covid-19 Test and Vaccine Record System, hosting all clinics and labs reports, under unified anti-fraud and anti-fake E-Cert

Tracvirus anti-counterfeiting technology is designed for rapid implementation and came with layered watermark, biometric face recognition-ready, and blockchain equivalent QR Code technology to verify E-Certificate authenticity, in print or digital format. 

Using the Tracvirus E-Cert platform, border traffic control are provided with a unique high-security multi-layered marking incorporate in each E-Cert, while visitors can download an app via Google Play or the App Store that provides the ability to scan and confirm authenticity of another E-Cert, as well as a worldwide track and trace solution with real-time reports to track each individual test status, and flag any counterfeits in the process.

COVID Test & Vaccine is easily Tested, Checked & Verified by Doctors, Employers, Airport, Port, Border Control, State Agencies & Law Enforcement.

Tracvirus is developed by Tri-G Technologies, using MDS Open Platform. To connect and provide Tracvirus E-Certificate in your country, hospital, clinic, or organisation, click here to contract our local representative.